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Using musical instruments can help a child develop in many ways, it can teach discipline and relieve stress.  It can also give a child a sense of satisfaction to hear themselves play a musical instrument, and never forget its fun.

Animal Voices-
Animal Voices
Bellring Rattle-
Bellring Rattle
Castanets - Animal Shapes-
Castanets - Animal Shapes
Christmas Whistle-
Christmas Whistle
Duck Whistle-
Duck Whistle
Egg Shaker-
Egg Shaker
Groan Hammer-
Groan Hammer
Multi Function Music Centre-
Multi Function Music Centre
Musical Baby Bells-
Musical Baby Bells
Musical Box-
Musical Box
Musical Clusters-
Musical Clusters
Musical Maracas (Large)-
Musical Maracas (Large)
Musical Maracas (Small)-
Musical Maracas (Small)
Plastic Kazoo-
Plastic Kazoo
Terracotta Bird Water Whistle-
Terracotta Bird Water Whistle
Wooden Bird Whistle-
Wooden Bird Whistle
Wooden Harmonica-
Wooden Harmonica
Wooden Train Whistle-
Wooden Train Whistle
Wooden Trumpet-
Wooden Trumpet
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