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Jigsaw puzzles are not only fun and educational they are very goot to teach children hand, eye co-ordination.

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Shoelace Puzzle-
Shoelace Puzzle
Shoelace Puzzle - Photo-
Shoelace Puzzle - Photo
Small Magnetic Wooden Maze-
Small Magnetic Wooden Maze
Snake Wooden Alphabet Puzzle-
Snake Wooden Alphabet Puzzle
Transport Puzzle-
Transport Puzzle
Wooden 3D Pyramid Puzzle-
Wooden 3D Pyramid Puzzle
Wooden 3D Star Puzzle-
Wooden 3D Star Puzzle
Wooden Cake-
Wooden Cake
Wooden Fraction Puzzle-
Wooden Fraction Puzzle
Wooden Labyrinth-
Wooden Labyrinth
Wooden Pizza-
Wooden Pizza
Wooden Pounding Bench-
Wooden Pounding Bench
Wooden Puzzle (Police, Fireman, Lifesaver)-
Wooden Puzzle (Police, Fireman, Lifesaver)
Wooden Tangram Puzzle-
Wooden Tangram Puzzle
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