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Sensory Teddies

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The use of a plush, soft, cuddly, sensory toy or teddy bear is soothing to young children.  It is lovely to have the bright, colourful best friend that you can play with or fiddle with when you are that little bit unsure or unconfortable.

Bert the Bandicoot-
Bert the Bandicoot
Buddy Doll-
Buddy Doll
Dammit Doll-
Dammit Doll
Hilary the Kookaburra-
Hilary the Kookaburra
Margarita the Wombat-
Margarita the Wombat
Monty the Kangaroo-
Monty the Kangaroo
Nugget the Possum-
Nugget the Possum
Petal the Koala-
Petal the Koala
Philly the Frilled Neck Lizard-
Philly the Frilled Neck Lizard
Plush Textured Monkeys-
Plush Textured Monkeys
Sherbet the Numbat-
Sherbet the Numbat
Sox Monkey-
Sox Monkey
Spotty the Quoll-
Spotty the Quoll
Tazzy the Tasmanian Devil-
Tazzy the Tasmanian Devil
Tucker the Platypus-
Tucker the Platypus
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