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New Items that have joined Prompt Educations wonderful range of resources, we update this page regularly so stay tuned.

Action Words Game-
Action Words Game
Acupressure Roller-
Acupressure Roller
Alphabet Fun-
Alphabet Fun
Animals, their Homes & Food-
Animals, their Homes & Food
Body Parts Game-
Body Parts Game
Build A Sentence - Part 1-
Build A Sentence - Part 1
Days of the Week Game-
Days of the Week Game
EasyRead Alarm Clock-
EasyRead Alarm Clock
Emotion Magnets - Large-
Emotion Magnets - Large
First Words-
First Words
Fun With Sizes-
Fun With Sizes
Healthy Eating Game-
Healthy Eating Game
Lacing Shoe-
Lacing Shoe
Life Cycles Games-
Life Cycles Games
Magic Cube-
Magic Cube
Magical Labyrinth-
Magical Labyrinth
Math Puzzle Game-
Math Puzzle Game
Mighty Magnet Set-
Mighty Magnet Set
Noughts & Crosses-
Noughts & Crosses
Sewing Beads - threading / lacing-
Sewing Beads - threading / lacing
Sight Words-
Sight Words
Time Shock Game-
Time Shock Game
Vowel Match Ups-
Vowel Match Ups
What's My Opposite Game-
What's My Opposite Game
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