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Heated or Cooled Sensory Teddies

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These amazing plush resources can be heated in the Microwave for approximatel 2 minutes and they stay warm for 2 hours.  Alternatively, they can be placed in the freezer and frozen making them stay cool.

Made with Millet Sead and Lavender these soft plush teddies are adorable and a wonderful sensory resource.

Plush Elephant Warmer-
Plush Elephant Warmer
Plush Hippo Warmer-
Plush Hippo Warmer
Plush Monkey Warmer-
Plush Monkey Warmer
Plush Penguin Warmer-
Plush Penguin Warmer
Plush Pig Warmer-
Plush Pig Warmer
Plush Teddy Warmer-
Plush Teddy Warmer
Plush Warmer - Chewoo-
Plush Warmer - Chewoo
Plush Warmer - Lemme-
Plush Warmer - Lemme
Plush Warmer - RooDee-
Plush Warmer - RooDee
Plush Warmer - YooHoo-
Plush Warmer - YooHoo
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