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A fidget toy is an object that the student can use to get this input in a less distracting way. 

They can help improve concentration and attention to tasks by allowing the brain to filter out the extra sensory information.

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Small Maze Puzzle-
Small Maze Puzzle
Soft Spikey Sensory Wrist Band-
Soft Spikey Sensory Wrist Band
Soft Spiky Wrist Snap Bracelet-
Soft Spiky Wrist Snap Bracelet
Splat Balls - Owl-
Splat Balls - Owl
Squishy Frog Ring-
Squishy Frog Ring
Sticky Hands-
Sticky Hands
Stress Balls-
Stress Balls
Stretchy Figurines-
Stretchy Figurines
Strong Squeeze Dino-
Strong Squeeze Dino
Strong Stretchy Banana & Tomatos-
Strong Stretchy Banana & Tomatos
Super Dome Poppers-
Super Dome Poppers
Super Dome Poppers-
Super Dome Poppers
Super Earth Putty-
Super Earth Putty
Super Stretchy Man-
Super Stretchy Man
Tactile Play SAND 500gm-
Tactile Play SAND 500gm
Tangle - Classic-
Tangle - Classic
Tangle - Fuzzies-
Tangle - Fuzzies
Tangle - Hairy-
Tangle - Hairy
Tangle - Textured-
Tangle - Textured
Therapy Hand Putty - 85gram-
Therapy Hand Putty - 85gram
Touchable Bubbles-
Touchable Bubbles
Tri Spinner-
Tri Spinner
Ultra Putty-
Ultra Putty
Water Snakes-
Water Snakes
Water Snakes with Jellyfish-
Water Snakes with Jellyfish
Water Snakes with Penguins-
Water Snakes with Penguins
Whats In The Bag-
Whats In The Bag
Wind Up Chomping Teeth-
Wind Up Chomping Teeth
Wooden 3D Pyramid Puzzle-
Wooden 3D Pyramid Puzzle
Wooden 3D Star Puzzle-
Wooden 3D Star Puzzle
Wooden Labyrinth-
Wooden Labyrinth
Wooden Pushing Pirates-
Wooden Pushing Pirates
Wooden Transformer-
Wooden Transformer
Wooden Twist Puzzle - Colourful-
Wooden Twist Puzzle - Colourful
Wooden Twist Worms-
Wooden Twist Worms
Wooden Twist Worms LARGE-
Wooden Twist Worms LARGE
Wrist Fiddle Marble Maze-
Wrist Fiddle Marble Maze
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