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A fidget toy is an object that the student can use to get this input in a less distracting way. 

They can help improve concentration and attention to tasks by allowing the brain to filter out the extra sensory information.

Bug Eyed Centipede-
Bug Eyed Centipede
Can You Find The......... abc lowercase-
Can You Find The......... abc lowercase
Can You Find The......... ABC uppercase-
Can You Find The......... ABC uppercase
Can You Find The......... Animals-
Can You Find The......... Animals
Can You Find The......... Aquatic-
Can You Find The......... Aquatic
Can You Find The......... Colour-
Can You Find The......... Colour
Can You Find The......... Invisible-
Can You Find The......... Invisible
Can You Find The......... Numbers-
Can You Find The......... Numbers
Can You Find The......... Shapes-
Can You Find The......... Shapes
Can You Find The......... Toy / General-
Can You Find The......... Toy / General
Can You Find The......... Transport-
Can You Find The......... Transport
Caterpillar - 33cm-
Caterpillar - 33cm
Christmas Flashing Bubbles-
Christmas Flashing Bubbles
Colour and Shape Fiddle Cushions-
Colour and Shape Fiddle Cushions
Cow Slime-
Cow Slime
Fidget Controller-
Fidget Controller
Fidget Cube - Various Colours-
Fidget Cube - Various Colours
Fidget Fidget Fidget-
Fidget Fidget Fidget
Finger Monster-
Finger Monster
Flashing Puffer Dino-
Flashing Puffer Dino
Flexible Croc, Giraffe & Elephant-
Flexible Croc, Giraffe & Elephant
Flicking Frogs-
Flicking Frogs
Flip Over Spinning Tops-
Flip Over Spinning Tops
Floating Ball Train-
Floating Ball Train
Frog Slime-
Frog Slime
Fun Doh-
Fun Doh
Funny Faces-
Funny Faces
Galaxy Slime (Small)-
Galaxy Slime (Small)
GIANT - Can You Find The.........-
GIANT - Can You Find The.........
Gripping Clinging Balls-
Gripping Clinging Balls
Hand Sewn Marble Maze-
Hand Sewn Marble Maze
Imitation Fidget Cubes-
Imitation Fidget Cubes
Inside Out Flip Balls-
Inside Out Flip Balls
Jacobs Ladder-
Jacobs Ladder
Jelly Balloons-
Jelly Balloons
Jiggles Vibrating Crocodile-
Jiggles Vibrating Crocodile
Jiggles Vibrating Seal-
Jiggles Vibrating Seal
Jiggly Critter-
Jiggly Critter
Large Boinks
Large Bottles of Bubbles-
Large Bottles of Bubbles
Large Curvy Bubble Timers-
Large Curvy Bubble Timers
Large Windmills-
Large Windmills
Large Wooden Cube Twist Puzzle-
Large Wooden Cube Twist Puzzle
Large Wooden Dice-
Large Wooden Dice
Magic Cube-
Magic Cube
Magic Fidget Snake-
Magic Fidget Snake
$7.50 $5.00
Magic Rainbow Stress Ball-
Magic Rainbow Stress Ball
$18.00 $10.00
Marble Maze with Chew Corner-
Marble Maze with Chew Corner
Mesh Ball-
Mesh Ball
Mini Bucket of Putty-
Mini Bucket of Putty
Nemo in a Squishy Ball-
Nemo in a Squishy Ball
Planets Puzzle-
Planets Puzzle
Punching Balls-
Punching Balls
Rainbow Caterpillar-
Rainbow Caterpillar
Roaming Windup Dino-
Roaming Windup Dino
Rubber Finger Snake - Soft-
Rubber Finger Snake - Soft
Slime Boogers-
Slime Boogers
Small Magnetic Wooden Maze-
Small Magnetic Wooden Maze
Small Maze Puzzle-
Small Maze Puzzle
Soft Spikey Sensory Wrist Band-
Soft Spikey Sensory Wrist Band
Soft Spiky Wrist Snap Bracelet-
Soft Spiky Wrist Snap Bracelet
Splat Balls - Owl-
Splat Balls - Owl
Squishy Frog Ring-
Squishy Frog Ring
Sticky Hands-
Sticky Hands
Stress Balls-
Stress Balls
Stretchy Figurines-
Stretchy Figurines
Strong Squeeze Dino-
Strong Squeeze Dino
Strong Stretchy Banana & Tomatos-
Strong Stretchy Banana & Tomatos
Super Dome Poppers-
Super Dome Poppers
Super Dome Poppers-
Super Dome Poppers
Super Earth Putty-
Super Earth Putty
Super Stretchy Man-
Super Stretchy Man
Tactile Play SAND 500gm-
Tactile Play SAND 500gm
Tangle - Classic-
Tangle - Classic
Tangle - Fuzzies-
Tangle - Fuzzies
Tangle - Hairy-
Tangle - Hairy
Tangle - Textured-
Tangle - Textured
Therapy Hand Putty - 85gram-
Therapy Hand Putty - 85gram
Touchable Bubbles-
Touchable Bubbles
Tri Spinner-
Tri Spinner
Ultra Putty-
Ultra Putty
Water Snakes-
Water Snakes
Water Snakes with Jellyfish-
Water Snakes with Jellyfish
Water Snakes with Penguins-
Water Snakes with Penguins
Whats In The Bag-
Whats In The Bag
Wind Up Chomping Teeth-
Wind Up Chomping Teeth
Wooden 3D Pyramid Puzzle-
Wooden 3D Pyramid Puzzle
Wooden 3D Star Puzzle-
Wooden 3D Star Puzzle
Wooden Labyrinth-
Wooden Labyrinth
Wooden Pushing Pirates-
Wooden Pushing Pirates
Wooden Transformer-
Wooden Transformer
Wooden Twist Puzzle - Colourful-
Wooden Twist Puzzle - Colourful
Wooden Twist Worms-
Wooden Twist Worms
Wooden Twist Worms LARGE-
Wooden Twist Worms LARGE
Wrist Fiddle Marble Maze-
Wrist Fiddle Marble Maze
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