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The liquid timers are very relaxing, colourful and fun - however not exact if you want to use them as a measure of time.  

If you are after an exact measure of time, the clock timers are more efficient.

24 Hour Countdown Timer-
24 Hour Countdown Timer
Anti Gravity Liquid Timers-
Anti Gravity Liquid Timers
Anti Gravity Timer - Pink-
Anti Gravity Timer - Pink
Anti Gravity TImers - Blue-
Anti Gravity TImers - Blue
Bean Liquid Timers-
Bean Liquid Timers
Cute Penguin Timed Toothbrush-
Cute Penguin Timed Toothbrush
Dark Colour Bubble Timer-
Dark Colour Bubble Timer
Double Love Heart Timer-
Double Love Heart Timer
Double Spiral Liquid Timer-
Double Spiral Liquid Timer
Dual Colour Curvy Timer-
Dual Colour Curvy Timer
Easy Timer-
Easy Timer
EasyRead Alarm Clock-
EasyRead Alarm Clock
Hourglass 3 Minute Sand Timer-
Hourglass 3 Minute Sand Timer
Large Double Fluid Timer-
Large Double Fluid Timer
Liquid Timer tall and round-
Liquid Timer tall and round
Multi Coloured Liquid Timer-
Multi Coloured Liquid Timer
Neon Wheel Liquid Timer-
Neon Wheel Liquid Timer
Sand Timer - 3 in 1-
Sand Timer - 3 in 1
Soothing Blue Oooze Timer-
Soothing Blue Oooze Timer
Time Teacher Past & To Wall Clock-
Time Teacher Past & To Wall Clock
Time Teacher Rainbow Face-
Time Teacher Rainbow Face
Time Timer Dry Erase Board & MOD Timer-
Time Timer Dry Erase Board & MOD Timer
Time Timer Plus - Charcoal-
Time Timer Plus - Charcoal
Twin Time Student Edition (Pack of 10)-
Twin Time Student Edition (Pack of 10)
TwinTime Teacher Card-
TwinTime Teacher Card
Wind Up Robot Timer-
Wind Up Robot Timer
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