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As most people are aware, people with ASD and other disabilities are often overwhelmed and need some kind of sensory resource to help them remain calm and focussed.

Prompt Education have put together some sensory kits that can help educate people of the five senses and also aid those that need sensory tools to assist with re-foccusing.

Children with Additional Needs bite and chew, therefore Adult supervision is strongly recommended.  We do NOT recommend our products be given to children age 3 years and under.  If you feel the children in your care, regarless of their birth age are not suitable to use these resources discretion is your responsibility.

2015 Complete Kit-
2015 Complete Kit
Fidget Kit - Boyz & Girlz-
Fidget Kit - Boyz & Girlz
Fine Motor Skills Kit-
Fine Motor Skills Kit
Hand Eye Co-Ordination Fiddle Kit-
Hand Eye Co-Ordination Fiddle Kit
Large Personal Fiddle Kit-
Large Personal Fiddle Kit
Oral Motor Skills Kit-
Oral Motor Skills Kit
Sensory Kit - Personal-
Sensory Kit - Personal
Sensory Kit - Scent-
Sensory Kit - Scent
Sensory Kit - Sound-
Sensory Kit - Sound
Sensory Kit (5 Senses) - Carers-
Sensory Kit (5 Senses) - Carers
Teachers Sensory Fiddle Kit-
Teachers Sensory Fiddle Kit
Whats In The Bag-
Whats In The Bag
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