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Hand Eye Co-Ordination

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Threading and Lacing toys encourage hand-eye co-ordination and develop manual dexterity in small children.  

They can also help children tie laces, bows and even strengthen the pincer grip.

Animal Lacing Box-
Animal Lacing Box
Farm Threading Animals-
Farm Threading Animals
Hexagon Sewing Block-
Hexagon Sewing Block
Lacing Animals-
Lacing Animals
Lacing Blocks - Transport-
Lacing Blocks - Transport
Lacing Blocks - Zoo-
Lacing Blocks - Zoo
Lacing Boat-
Lacing Boat
Lacing Buttons 40 pieces-
Lacing Buttons 40 pieces
Lacing Numbers-
Lacing Numbers
Lacing Reels - 20piece-
Lacing Reels - 20piece
Magnetic Dinosaurs-
Magnetic Dinosaurs
Rainbow Peg Play-
Rainbow Peg Play
Sewing Beads - threading / lacing-
Sewing Beads - threading / lacing
Shoelace Puzzle-
Shoelace Puzzle
The Freckled Frog's - I can..... Red-
The Freckled Frog's - I can..... Red
Threading Apple-
Threading Apple
Threading Beetles-
Threading Beetles
Threading Cheese-
Threading Cheese
Threading Pear-
Threading Pear
Wooden Nature Threading Beads-
Wooden Nature Threading Beads
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