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Weekly Activity Planner-
#5722 Weekly Activity Planner
This Weekly Activity Planner is magnetic and includes the following:
  • magnetic pen
  • a hanging Weekly Activity Planner Board
  • 33 different activity magnets
  • 3 blank photo frame magnets
  • 4 blank magnets
The bright and colourful activity magnets are perfect for little fingers to handle.  This rigid board can be hung anywhere making it easy for your child you use on a daily basis.
The different activity magnets are easily identifiable and there are 3 photo frame magnets that you can add a photo of any person/activity that your child might do.

Finally, the daily magnet can be used to identify the day of the week. Every morning when your child asks “What am I doing today?” they can run to their weekly planner to move the daily magnet to the next day and view all the activities planned for the day ahead.

Use the magnetic pen to add your child’s name to the planner, write notes / reminders on the planner, fully re-usable making this a wonderful resource.


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