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Lets Learn Auslan - Clothing-
#308 Lets Learn Auslan - Clothing

This NEW and IMPROVED series of A5 booklets have been produced by Prompt Education and depict the same person doing the Auslan sign. throughout the series.  This continuity will aid and assist children who are learning Auslan.

  • These NEW books contain 26 sign language graphics covering popular clothing items in alphabetical order.
  • In each booklet there are bright, colourful and clear colour photos (one to a page) with the sign language graphic above the photo and a written description.
  • The title of each page has been written using the Australian Schooling Font. 
  • In some instances there are more than one sign language graphic - this is because although Auslan is Australian Sign Language there are times that a sign can vary depending on which region you live in.
  • The sign language graphics are drawn in black with the second movement and arrows done in red to help in understanding.

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