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2015 Complete Kit

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2015 Complete Kit-
#5274 2015 Complete Kit

22 Items valuing over $140.00 that is a great starter kit for the New Year.  Encompasing instruments, Auslan resources, sensory and oral resources as well as dexterity and strengthening:

Musical - Kazoo, Groan Hammer, Duck Whistle

Dexterity - Twist Cube Puzzle, Yoyo, Spinning Top

Hand Eye Co-ordination - Lacing Boat, Floating Ball Train

Auslan - Marble, Twinkle Twinkle, Baa Baa, Humpty Dumpy, Hickory, Jack and Jill

Sensory - Galaxy Slime, Waterbeads, Jiggles Vibrating Croc

Strengthening - Stress Ball

Visual Stimulation - Flashing Jelly Pen, Flashing Ring, Flashing Eye Ball


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