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Marble visits the beach - Auslan

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Marble visits the beach - Auslan-
#430 Marble visits the beach - Auslan

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The first board picture book for children with Auslan (Australian Sign Language) signs , written in English word order.

This childs board book has 20 colourful pages with Signs and their written descriptions of Marble the bear visiting and playing on the beach.

In some instances there is more than one sign language grahic (this is because there are times that a sign can vary depending on which state you live in).

In these instances Prompt Education has numbered the signs 1 and 2 as referred to in the Key Word Signing (Makaton Vocabulary - Auslan Edition) books.

The sign language graphics are drawn in black with the second movement and arrows done in red to help in understanding.

If you are not using the Key Word Signing resources, we suggest you check with Deaf groups in your area or choosee the sign that you feel would be easiest for the child to produce, especially when looking at a child with a physical disability or poor fine motor skills.

Prompt Education has written a description on how to do the signs trying to keep it as simple and easy as possible.


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