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Hand Cards - 50 Key Words-Autism
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#227 Hand Cards - 50 Key Words

These cards are laminated and have rounded corners (for safety reasons).  Each card has a colour photo (appropriate for teenages and adults) and the drawn sign language graphic including written description on how to do the sign on the back of the card.


These cards can be used to teach the sign - connect the sign to the photo - and to link the sign to the written word at the bottom of the card.

Cards included in this set:



 bag   bath   bed   biscuit   book   brother   car   chair   clean   cold  come   dad   different   dirty   drink   eat/food   feeling hot   finished  go   happy   help   hot   house/home   like   look   more   mum   no  please   room   sad   same   school   share   shop   sick   sister   sit  sore/hurt   sorry   table   thank you   toilet   wait   water   what   where   who   work   yes



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