Welcome to Prompt Education!

Our team provide tools to help children and adults with learning and communication difficulties, these resources help those interact and communicate with others.  

The use of visual tools is essential as 95% of people, with or without a disability use visual stimulation to navigate through life.  People with Autism, ADHD, Aspergers or other communication problems, can bridge the gap of speech, in other words, initially they learn to communicate in a common language of sight.  They can easily show you the basics they require, once this bridge is established, communication becomes easier.

The use of sign language, visual aids, material objects and any other useful tools can help these visual learners.  Don't be closed minded with the advice given by specialists, often you will need to think outside the box with your little individual and do that little extra that helps them.  

All of our Australian sign language (Auslan) resources have been endorsed by Deaf Australia as we work very closely with them, ensuring the right signs are used.

Sensory Resources often help those who struggle to concentrate learn to focus more on what is important.  For example, whilst holding and playing with a fidget stick, children sitting a story time can listen without anxiety.

Our resources comply with Australian Standards, however often Children with Additional Needs bite and chew, therefore Adult supervision is recommended.  We do recommend our products be given to children age 3 years and under.

We post orders all over the world, however our site only shows Australian residents postal charges so we amend the orders in the office for overseas postal charges.