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Why was Prompt Education created….. Most companies are created due to a necessity.  Prompt Education was created for such a need. Tara Hearne the founder of the company and a mother of two beautiful children created Prompt Education in August 2004, only 2 years after her eldest son had been diagnosed on the Autistic Spectrum Disorder (ASD) with moderate to severe Autism. 

Visual Aids "Flash Cards" are a vital part of learning for any disabled child and when Tara was trying to find more visual aids that could help her son develop she kept finding that the prices of the software, or Flash Cards, were out of her reach - so she set about making her own. 

Almost immediately other parents requested her make visual aids for their children and within months the company was in hot demand. 

These cards are suitable for…. Prompt Education have worked closely with Speech Pathologist, Professionals in the industry and Early Intervention Schools to develop the products.  All graphics are clear and concise with no background interruption which often confuses people. We have developed many useful educational tools to aid the comprehension and speech therapy.

How the company expanded..... Prompt Education expanded several years later, after Tara was approached to draw sign language graphics. Working closely with one of the creators on the Deaf Australia Website, Tara started drawing images using photos of her Daughter, Reilly. These images where soon put into production in books and posters and all have been endorsed by Deaf Australia.  From there a need in the use of sensory toys and resources was seen and now, Prompt Education have a large warehouse of stock, supplies and resources for all children.

A place where you can get, nearly everything you need to help your child develop, giving them every opportunity to better themselves.  We operate from home so we are still able to keep overheads down therefore benefiting the purchaser by keeping our prices to a minimum, instead of running a shop where overheads are so high.

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